Hi there,

I'm Jenish Dhanani

Certified UX Designer

UI/UX & Graphic Designer

I am passionate about

Simple and Clean Looking UI Design Makes Impact

I design through material design concept and that generally brings remarkable change UI design process. I use two to three colors for strability in UI.

My Design Process Steps

  • Requiments and Details Taking

    I will take requirements from you and clarify it. That helps me to understand requirements better.

  • Research and Sketching Ideas

    Based on given requirements, I will do research and sketch some ideas. This step gives us some different views.

  • Design Low and High Fidelity Design

    I will design Low and High Fidelity designs based on reserached ideas. This step gives us fully pixel perfect end design.

  • Proval or Revision

    In this step, I will finalize the design from you or make changes that you will suggest to me.

  • Submit The Design

    At the end of this process, I will submit the full design with row files to you.


App UI Design

Fast and easy to follow user flow of UI and this can optimize the experience for mobile users.

Website UI Design

Website that makes your brand online growth that should be nice and clean looking to clients.

Logo Design

Visual identity that communicates brnads' personality to targeted audience. Simplified identity for every brand.

Brochure, Posters & Flyers

Eye catching poster design for your brand. Tri-fold and Bi-fold Brochure which suite your requirements.

Business Card Design

Simply attractive look of name, contact details and brand logo in size of small credit card size.

Brand Packaging Design

Use of structure, materials, color, typography and ancillary design to make product suitable for marketing.

Recent Work


Professional Certification

Google UX Design Specialization

Google Inc.

Issued Jun 2021

Online Certification

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

California Institute of Arts

Issued Apr 2020

Online Certification

Introduction to UX and Accessible Design

Future Learn

Issued Apr 2021


Published Course

UI Design in Adobe XD: 1 Complete App UI Design

Publisher: Jenish Designs | Platform: SkillShare

Published in 2020

Developed App

Mom's Recipes

Publisher: SubLight Apps | Platform: Google PlayStore

Published in 2020

Client Reviews

"Jenish design is very good in the first place and he always ready to make any changes based on customers' requirements. Overall, we are satisfied with his work."
SiewTing Phang
OneSoft Solution
"Hire Design Buddy now! When I saw my logo I was so excited I wanted to scream! It was perfect and just what I wanted for my web development project. Got perfect element of the puzzle."
Maunik Sakariya
"I had the pleasure of working with Jenish as he created UI design for Website and two Apps. He has a great eye for design. Overall, He giver perfect design."
Amit Gupta
eSrot Consulting Pvt. Ltd.